So many people ask what can you do with a Miniature Horse?

A true horse lover enjoys the smell and warmth of a horses breath. The relaxing feeling of brushing a horse is the same whether they are big or small. Being greeted at chore time with a delightful nicker from your horse just makes the day go better.

Horse people that have reached retirement or maybe had some injuries so they can not ride anymore or keep up with what they loved doing when they owned full sized horses, find having a Miniature Horse fills their needs.

A Miniature Horse would suit anyone regardless of age. They can be a source of companionship with out that much extra work. Minis love people. They need the same things as a big horse but not as much! Smaller runs and pastures, this means less fencing. Smaller run in sheds or barns, as all animals deserve to have decent shelter from the elements, so areas are easier to maintain. In fact they do much better with limited pastures. I find it easy to have a few smaller runs and rotate my pastures. Perhaps a small paddock where the shelter is kept where they can be in a dry lot at night and protected from animals and what ever dangers are out there.

Sometimes we forget that not every horse is a "show" horse with a wall of ribbons. There are a lot of wonderful horses that have not been promoted with shows, nor do they all need to be. A pasture pet, companion, maybe a buddy to take on a short walk or just talk to is also a valuable horse.

Miniature Horses are herd animals and do best when they have a companion in the pasture for company just like their big friends do!

They will do best with a good quality grass hay and of course fresh water daily, their hooves trimmed regular, vaccinations and lots of love and attention. As with any horse or animal they need to have manners. No problem at all...just be consistent and you will have a wonderful, fun bond with your horse no matter what your age is.