Ramakers Special Attraction foaled in 2006 and stands 31" tall. Blaze is AMHA/AMHR registered.

 Email  with any questions, or price list. 

​Miniature Horses offered for sale.

Contact info on "contact page" and email for current prices along with stating your needs and what you expect of them.

​ Set up a time to come and meet them in person as that is the best way to decide if you have that special feeling for them. Email for complete price list:   bvmini@kmwb.net

Bear Valleys Malibu Rose, black,  AMHA/AMHR perm.registered mare. Foaled in 2006. AMHA #A173591 AMHR # 272641A .

Please email for price and to ask any questions.

Bear Valleys Daisy Mae, black,  AMHR perm registered mare. Foaled 2008.  AMHR # 293563B. Email with any questions and current price.

Bear Valleys Sureal Emma, bay pinto, 34" AMHR perm registered mare foaled in 2002.  Left open as I do not bred much anymore. Friendly mare, handled almost daily, great with clipping, farrier, loading etc.

Email for price or to get more info.